Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A very good thing

"DEADGIRL obviously is going to get tongues wagging. It is explicitly violent, filled with bursts of shocking gore, and equally explicit sexually. Is this what coming of age looks like in our commodofied times, when we think of everything - people included - as objects to be consumed and disposed of at will? This is objectification of women pushed out to ludicrous, though frighteningly plausible, extremes. Like it or not we all know people who would choose JT’s path. We probably wouldn’t even have to think very hard to make a list of them, and that’s where the film’s true horror lies. As shocking as this is, as far fetched as the premise, on an emotional level it is entirely plausible… DEADGIRL has a number of images and sequences guaranteed to sear themselves into your brain, moments of moral degradation you won’t quickly shake off. And, in this context, that is a very good thing." - TWITCH

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