Friday, July 23, 2010

You Never Forget Your First Tee

Thanks to the fine folks at Cryptic Cotton, you can now purchase the first Official Deadgirl T-Shirt. Click here to see the sweet-ass model these guys "dug up" ... and while you're there, make sure to check out their other designs too!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moore Thoughts

We never tire of seeing Deadgirl pop up on Twitter ... the good ("That DeadGirl movie was a trip..that movie is crazy as hell..but good" - Asali14; the bad ("Deadgirl is the shittiest thing ever" - CaptFunk) and the uncertain ("Just watched Deadgirl. Wtf was that!?" - Scarielley). But this was an especially exciting morning, seeing that Tony Moore, illustrator and co-creator of the phenomenal The Walking Dead (soon to be a kick-ass AMC series), watched the movie and dug it enough to share his thoughts. Very, very cool.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well it's been quite a few months, so it's time for some assorted updating. As always, links included.

COMPLEX MAGAZINE / 10 Grossest Movies of All Time
"Fucking disturbed."

TOTALLY TOP 10 / Top 10 Horror of '09
"It’s morally and visually the most disturbing movie I think I have ever seen. "

HORROR VILLA / Top 10 Zombie Movies
"While not a traditional end of the world flesh eating saga, Deadgirl is more of an intimate look at the detachment of male teens and the objectification of the female body. More akin to River’s Edge than Night of the Living Dead."

Also, it was nice to see Eva Tushnet, a rather Conservative journalist who's written for the National Catholic Register and National Review, stick up for our little movie: "I defended Deadgirl for being about misogyny, and said it wasn't itself misogynistic. No women really have agency in the movie. And yet it still seemed to me to be a movie I could understand, enter into, relate to as a woman, because it never once presented the dead girl's violation as anything other than a horrific encroachment by human monsters. When she was simply touched, the camerawork and color control and acting made it clearly a desecration--if you're Catholic, a desecration of the temple of the Holy Spirit, this creature's body. In the end I didn't think Deadgirl, despite its advertising, presented rape as titillating or deserved or natural."

And while we're quoting:

"This shocking film builds organically, stacking on the tension scene after scene in a dark and frightening experience that will haunt you for days after watching." - CINCENTRAL

"This movie also projects a side of sexuality we are not commonly confronted with. A must-see film." - ODE TO HORROR

"To zombie movies what Unbreakable is to comic book films." - COOL SHITE

"It is the central message of the film which trumps all else. The casual acceptance by several otherwise 'normal' people of a warped situation in which they can forget all social boundaries and norms, regressing into a demi-monde of their own making. This is what packs the punch, and - although the film plays this out in an admittedly grotesque fashion - it's not quite as fantastical a phenomenon as we'd like to think. " - FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD

"I hated this movie. Most films that feature necrophilia are tongue-in-cheek. This one isn’t. My distaste for damn near everything in the film aside, I can’t help but admire the unique spin the obviously fucked-in-the-head filmmakers put on a common trope." - I LOVE HORROR

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Did we just sell out?

We've been hearing from fans all over the country that Deadgirl is now available in Walmart stores. The unrated version, no less! It's pretty cool news and this awesome new video review says it all...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Turkey Day

According to Google Analytics, we've had 3 site visits from Turkey within the last fews weeks. So whether that means there's one, two, or three of you out there, this post's for you ...

Deadgirl has a couple of surprise midnight screenings this week at the Istanbul International Independent Film Festival. The first is tonight (2/12) and there's another next week (2/19). More info here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last Lists

It's 1/10/10, so these could be the actual final 2009 mentions.

JADED VIEWER / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"Deadgirl is like a depraved, warped up horror version of Stand by Me... when a movie like this comes along, you have to give it a standing O."

HOME MEDIA MAGAZINE / Top Ten Movies You May Have Missed
"Yes, this is eww-gross horror at its grossest, but it’s also a horror film that actually deals with its insane subject — a zombie woman tied in a basement who is sexually abused by adolescent boys — and the psychological dirt it digs up. And, despite the resurgence of quality horror in 2009 (Drag Me to Hell, Paranormal Activity, The House of the Dead), this is one of the few that took real chances."

DVD SPIN DOCTOR / Top DVDs of 2009
"In a mostly lame year for new horror films, "Deadgirl" returns us to the days when viewers could be equally repulsed and fascinated... Directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel belong on any horror fan's watch list."

FILM STALKER / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"If you can get past the nasty subject matter, it's really highly recommended; horror should make you feel uncomfortable and push boundaries."

HORROR DOSE / Top Ten DVD Releases of 2009
"Dark, chilling, intense... a good revisit to twisted, macabre roots of horror."

SHOOT FOR THE HEAD / Best Zombie Movies of 2009
"Dead Girl will turn your stomach but its strong writing and deep moral message will have you transfixed."

DAILY ATHENAEUM / Top Five Underrated Films
West Virginia University's student paper calls Deadgirl "The best independent horror film I’ve seen in years."

And ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT put together it's "Five Brutal Horror Scenes" of the year... but unlike the others on the list, included ALL of Deadgirl. "The whole movie."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still closing out '09 ...

Seems a few people are frantically trying to clear their desks of the past year before moving on to '10...

ROUGH CUT REVIEWS / Top Five Movies of '09

EXAMINER.COM / Best DVD of the Year
At #1, Deadgirl "definitely takes the home-viewing horror cake!"

TRUST MOVIES / Year's Most Special
"This genre-jumper takes misogyny to new heights/depths -- and knows it -- forcing you to think, as well as wince."

"Ugly, unpleasant, filthy, smart, sad, and at times really beautiful, this is what independent horror should be aspiring to. When most independent zombie films play for laughs, this plays for keeps."

and some other mentions ...

Posters of the Year
Best Films from Cats and Dogs
Exploding Heads Top Ten
Three "WTF" Movies of the '00s
Honorable Mention from Seattle Gay News
No Room In Hell's Decade of Horror

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Top Tens (part 6)

It's New Years Eve, but there still may just be a Part 7 to this series. We'll see. But for now...

E-SPLATTER / Top Ten Horror of 2009
The granddaddy of online horror sites keeps it brief: "Deadgirl. A really disturbing, edgy horror film -- the kind they should make more of."

WFMU / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"Since political correctness has fallen hard from fashion, I guess it's okay to praise a movie like Deadgirl." We consider WFMU one of the best radio stations in the country, so this was a particularly nice find.

MOVIES ONLINE / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"One of those genre defining films... Deadgirl is not for the faint of heart but its fantastic story is what makes this movie worth seeing if you can overcome the stomach turning scenes in it."

This is one of those lists where we find Deadgirl among Avatar, Up in the Air, Inglorious Basterds, and other movies more often recognized as the year's best. As the site explains: "Some critics drool when they can include something obscure on their Top 10 list. That's not the case here. I just think this sometimes comic tale of bad boys who meet their macabre match is the finest of the genre I've seen in some time."


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Top Tens (part 5)

With just a few days left in the year, here are links to some recent additions ...

HORROR YEARBOOK / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"Deadgirl really gives us something completely different... The film is really about what horrible things one can be tempted to do and how lack of acceptance and belittlement can make you turn to find power and control in dark, twisted places."

HORROR-MOVIES / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"Truly one of the most disturbing movies I have seen in a long time and equally a truly well written and fascinating experience."

ALL THINGS HORROR / Top Eleven Horror of 2009
"Some say it's vile, unwatchable garbage, others laud it with praise for its unwavering horror... a film that horrified me, made me think, and made me want to watch again immediately with a scrutinizing eye."

WILDSIDE CINEMA / The Best of 2009

DEAD LANTERN / The Best Horror of 2009
"A well made, original flick in a sea of unoriginal zombie films... the performances are outstanding but it was this weird morally ambiguous narrative going on throughout the film that really succeeded in creating a reaction in viewers, be it positive or negative."

THE SCREAMSTRESS / The Best of the Decade

UPDATE: And already a few more have trickled in. So there'll probably be one more post before New Years. Huge thanks to everyone who continues to champion the movie.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Top Tens (part 4)

Bloody-Disgusting, the web's no. 1 source for horror, has delivered a couple of year-end wrap-ups worth checking out.

Ryan Daley's list is here.
And Tex Massacre's is here.

Deadgirl was also a "runner up" on multi-hyphenate Luke Y. Thompson's site, which is here, and mostly worth pointing out because of the other honorable mentions. Sometimes it really is about the company you keep.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Top Tens (part 3)

STYD's Ryan Rotten put together his list, which you can find here. It was a surprise to see Deadgirl listed since we thought for some reason he didn't dig the movie all that much. Nice to be wrong.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Top Tens (part 2)

"Controversial, uncompromising and strikingly original" ... Deadgirl makes it onto's end of the year horror list.

And thanks to Awkward Press for putting Deadgirl at the top of its list. While it's actually the 'Best Horror Movies You Probably Didn't See', it includes some that got pretty descent releases, including Paranormal Activity which grossed over $100 million. So not sure how much that distinction really holds true. But it's great being included. Either way.

"The level of ambition on the filmmakers’ part, along with some brave performances from its cast, permits this movie to transcend its own morally reprehensible story-line to probe something much darker, much more disturbing, and much more real… which is what the best metaphor-laden horror movies do: Allow the audience to explore the horror within themselves." - Awkward Press

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 Top Tens (Part 1)

"First-timers proved that a great idea and a little ingenuity could transcend low-budget limitations and leave jaded fans shivering in their socks."

Okay, the writer may have been thinking Paranormal Activity when she wrote those words in her intro, but nonetheless, we're happy to see Deadgirl included in AMC's "Top Ten Horror of the Year" list. Here's the link.

We also got some notice in the Women Film Critics Circle's 2008 Awards, popping up in their "Top Ten Hall of Shame" ... placing us proudly amongst some sure-to-be Oscar-winners like Up in the Air, and Precious.

Friday, December 4, 2009


At every q & a about the movie, someone would invariably ask about the dog. As in, what the hell was that thing? The answer is pronounced "sho-lo-skwink-le", spelled "Xoloitzcuintle", and abbreviated as a "Xolo" ... and you can read all about it here.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Get the 411

"You might love Deadgirl; you might hate Deadgirl. But I don't think you'll feel ambivalent about Deadgirl... In the end, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about what happened in the movie, but the very fact that I couldn't stop trying to decide tells me all I need to know about its strength as a film." — 411mania

Also this week...

We were surprised to see a great review in West Virginia University's paper, The Daily Athenaeum: "While there have been countless movies that have analyzed the troubles of adolescence and sexual development, it’s doubtful any had the same twisted spin... I spent most of the 100-minute run time in a state of severe anxiety – though for a film like this, that’s definitely a good thing."

And BlogCritics kicked off its long, very favorable review with a thought that's been increasingly common: "Deadgirl, a film that is so much better than I was expecting..." We love it when that happens.

Btw, now that the movie is out, we'll be posting behind-the-scenes photos semi-regularly. Up top's the first one: Nicest-guy-in-the-world Andrew DiPalma (Johnny) takes a moment to prepare for his big scene. If you've seen the flick, you know what we're talking about...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Attention Tech Geeks:

"Deadgirl premiered at Toronto International Film Festival as the first independent production to use a completely tapeless digital production method. Pomfort SilverStack helped the filmmakers to realize a flexible, professional workflow with the best image quality..."

Click here to read the entire case study, courtesy of Pomfort SilverStack.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scream King & Queen

Spike TV's Scream Awards will air next week, but here's a sneak peek at the red carpet...
While Dave Navarro does point out his date, the lovely Jenny Spain, you'll have to look pretty carefully for a glimpse. But it's worth it, as always.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

30 Days

The plan was to do a comprehensive summary of the last month, since that's how long Deadgirl has been out on DVD. But time does not permit a comprehensive summary.

So instead, here's a half-assed one:

We're at 40,000 ratings on Netflix, which really blew away our expectations. As previously noted, since not everyone rates the movies they've watched, it's hard to know exactly how many more people have Netflixed the movie.

And it's been neat seeing the empty Deadgirl spaces in Blockbuster (at least our local one, where it's rarely been back on the shelf).

For some reason, Best Buy has it in the Sci-Fi section, so that's probably something to be aware of, just in case.

Dave Navarro was a big fan of the movie and invited Jenny Spain on his radio show, where he described the movie as "terrifying" and "compelling" and added "Not only have I seen fucked-up stuff, but I've seen really fucked-up stuff ... and this disturbed me more." Then he took Jenny out to dinner.

Universal Studios and the Chiller/Eyegore Awards gave Deadgirl a prize for "2009 Best Villain of the Year" ... that would be JT (Noah Segan).

The media response has been enormous. Lots of great reviews, from larger newspapers (Boston Globe, Washington Post), to more local ones (Tampa Tribune, Kansas City Star) to all types of blogs and websites (DVD Talk, Cinematical) and everything in between. Most of them quoted below, so won't bother re-quoting here.

The Boston Globe even placed the movie high on its list of 20 Best Zombie Movies of All Time (#6).

Because it's October, many people are doing some sort of 31-day horror movie countdown till Halloween, and many of these lists include Deadgirl. Thanks to everyone who has made it part of the festivities.

Deadgirl continues to split reactions almost right down the middle, as it's done from day one. On IMDB we're at 60% positive. Same with Amazon. On Netflix it's 56%. On Rotten Tomatoes, the T-Meter Critics are at 31%, but the Rotten Tomato Community is at 66%.

And easily the coolest part of the last few weeks is reading real-time reactions on Twitter. Good, bad, confused, angry, surprised, curious, and genuinely thrilled, tweets have covered it all and have come from everywhere.

Needless to say, it's been a really exciting first month for us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Win your own dead girl

Our Canadian distributor, E1 Entertainment, is holding a FrightFest Contest, so click here while there's still a chance to win a copy of Deadgirl (each of the five winners also picks up a free dvd of Dead Snow, too!).

[note: Only open to Canadian residents. Here are all the rules.]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Innocence Lost

"An unbelievably taunt, surprisingly poignant and harrowingly bleak picture of innocence lost... Deadgirl gets under your skin. It bothers you. It challenges you. It does things that more experienced filmmakers with more experienced actors aren’t always able to do in much-bigger-budget movies." - The Tampa Tribune (online)
Congrats to Deadgirl's Nolan Gerard Funk... front page of the New York Times' Arts & Leisure section! Ok, it's not exactly The Tampa Tribune, but still.

Monday, October 5, 2009

In honor of Zombieland, The Boston Globe made its list of the "Top 20 Zombie Movies of All Time." In the top spots were the expected ones: Dawn of the Dead, Braindead, Night of the Living Dead, Return of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead... but coming in at No. 7 (and ahead of a bunch of other classics) is Deadgirl! "By far the most disturbing zombie film on the list, Deadgirl is a completely different and original take..."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Perfect Intro

Here's the Deadgirl UK DVD main menu, designed by London-based graphic designer David Byrne. As the menu plays out, you'll see he did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of beauty and decay. Thanks David for putting some real thought into this. It's a great lead-in to our movie.

We have a winner

Universal Studios kicks off the Halloween season tomorrow night with the Chiller Awards, honoring just five people. Among the winners are Rob Zombie ("Filmmaker of the Year"), SAW's Tobin Bell ("Best Villain in a Film Series"), legendary make-up effects artist Rick Baker ("Lifetime Achievement Award") and – wtf? – Deadgirl's Noah Segan for "Best Villain"! We have no idea how that happened. We're just glad it did. The kid deserves it.

Click here for the press release, via CNBC.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"A dark, violent satire"

On the Washington Post entertainment blog, Paul Stelter makes some great observations about Deadgirl — and calls it a "dark, violent satire" (click the quote below for the whole thing)...

"While the taut 2008 indie horror flick boasts a supremely disturbing premise and some obligatory gore, the new director's cut DVD makes clear it's primarily a fable about male peer pressure and relationships." — Washington Post

A delight!

Fantastic Fest is kicking off Austin, so congrats to Tim League and everyone else involved on what looks like another great lineup. FF is where Deadgirl had its U.S. Premiere last September and we vividly remember seeing Harry Knowles come in for our first screening at the Drafthouse. Aint-It-Cool has had a lot of great things to say about the movie over the last year, but we always wondered what Harry thought. Until now.

In today's DVD roundup, he begins his mention of Deadgirl with "One of last year’s delights from FANTASTIC FEST..."

So there you go. And it was worth the wait. Thanks, Harry, and enjoy FF '09.

A common reaction

"I fully expected to despise this film, but it’s eerily intriguing."
— Real Detroit Weekly

Unrated vs R-Rated

In answer to the question: The reason both the Unrated and the R-rated versions of Deadgirl are listed at 101 minutes is that nothing was simply cut out to get the R. Not surprisingly, the MPAA felt a couple of scenes went too far. But instead of just removing the shots in question, we worked to either replace with alternate footage or digitally tweak the the original material. It was important to us that the scenes play out as intended, hopefully without feeling different.

The other difference is the bonus material. I don't believe the R version has the commentary, the fx photo gallery, the deleted scenes, etc.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deadgirl, Live at 10

The great Dave Navarro will be talking to the deadgirl, Jenny Spain, tomorrow on his INDIE 103.1 show, Dark Matters (Wednesdays, 10pm-midnight). Can't wait to hear their conversation, as well as just finding out if the guy liked the movie or not. He tweeted a lot about getting ready to see it, but afterwards only went so far as writing: "After watching @jennyspain in DEADGIRL, I am relieved she is CALLING into the studio on Wednesday and not actually coming in! WOW!"


Go Jenny! Click here for the indie103.1 site to listen live, or here for the Dark Matters homepage to catch the podcast later. And if you want to sign in to join the chatroom during the broadcast, click right here.
"What really stands out about the film isn't the shock value component, but the more tragic side of the story. The film's take on peer pressure and on standing your own moral ground makes some sense in the context of the story but underneath all of the bizarre plot elements there is a very real and very effective human of those rare films that defies expectations and comes as a true surprise." — DVDtalk

And mothers, too

It's always nice to see that the audience for this movie is as difficult to define and predict as we imagined, and certainly not as narrow as some had predicted.

[Not to mention the 12,000* people who have rated the movie on Netflix in just its first week of release. Thanks to everyone who's rented or bought the movie, or tweeted, or asked for it, or blogged, or whatever. New movies are released all the time. But you all made this release feel very special.] * UPDATE: One day later, it jumped to about 14,500. Wow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

DVD Review

Fangoria reviews the DVD release of Deadgirl, including an nice look at all the extras included. Click here to read the whole thing.

"There’s no denying that screenwriter Trent Haaga and directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel have ventured into more ambitious territory than most youth-oriented fright cinema, which tends to take more simplistic views on relationships between boys and girls and sex and violence." — Fangoria
A "nihilistic teen horror film that plays as both grim morality tale and insane dark comedy." - MSN Movies

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jersey Pride!

It's nice to see some smaller, more regional papers review the Deadgirl DVD release. Here's what the Bergen County Record had to say (link to its online version, via here):

"This one-of-a-kind shocker takes a look at two high school misfits (excellent Shiloh Fernandez, Noah Segan) who encounter a not-quite-dead, not-quite-alive girl tied up in the bowels of an abandoned mental hospital. Surprisingly, directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel are less interested in spilling blood — though a lot is spilled — than in probing the adolescent male psyche. Smartly directed, the flick takes twists you won't see coming."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

High School Horror They Love

There aren't many movie sites bigger than Cinematical. So it was pretty awesome to see Deadgirl (described here as "creepy, challenging stuff") as No. 2 on its list of "High School Horror We Love." Check out the whole list here.

Hard to shake

IGN didn't love the movie, but at least the reviewer added this honest tag on the end:

"Days after seeing Deadgirl, I find myself considering it, which even I can't yet determine speaks positively or negatively about the movie. It is the subject, not the quality, that's in question, and some will no doubt feel that the filmmakers have hit their mark. And if nothing else, it'll keep you talking for days to come."
A "seriously perverse twist on River’s Edge ... and it would be nice to dismiss Deadgirl as the worst sort of exploitation. Except that it’s been so well-written, well-made —walking a fine line between horror and satire— and well-acted, that you find yourself glued to the screen. It’s sick. It’s gross. It’s lurid. But you can’t say it doesn’t work." —  Kansas City Star

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sexual Danger

"A well-executed horror film with a perverse kind of sexual danger."
- MSN Entertainment

"Absolutely bat-shit insane"

"In its conception, Deadgirl plays like a long lost Twilight Zone episode, revolving around the perfect kind of conflicted fall guys who make questionable moral choices as influenced by certain dark forces. The difference, of course, is that Deadgirl is fucking perverted... At a certain point Deadgirl finds its footing and spins itself into an absolutely bat-shit insane, yet alarmingly compelling and intelligent study of the male's uneasy relationship to its Id, peering into a certain dark corner of a 17 year old's sexual angst with open eyes..." - LAist

"It’s Stand by Me for a new, and waaay sicker, generation."
- Salt Lake City Weekly

Shining a light into the dark

"Randy adolescents open for a thinly veiled skin flick will be largely disappointed. Similarly, those sick to the back teeth of torture porn would do well not to dismiss this as just another bandwagoner, as co-directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel have far more on their minds here than simply mining a gimmick for the purposes of titillation... Succinct, intelligent and to the point, Deadgirl exhibits an intelligence far beyond that of your average genre shocker, ably given form by a superbly committed ensemble of talented up and comers. Shining a light into the dark, perverted corners of the mind it is occasionally unpleasant but mostly because, as an exercise in human nature run amok, its oddly, eerily plausible. You will never look at the creepy dead-eyed kid in the back row of chem lab quite the same way ever again." -

Saturday, September 12, 2009

There's something to it.

"Directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel lend adolescent emotional cred to taboo horror, taking the uncomfortable satire of, say, 'Teeth', and dragging it to an even gnarlier level. Shiloh Fernandez and Noah Segan are high-school outcasts who make a gruesome discovery while ditching – the nude body of a seemingly lifeless woman chained up in an abandoned mental hospital. Turns out she’s not exactly dead, and they’re not exactly good Samaritans. Extras: The unrated cut of the film includes commentary and a featurette. You’ll snort at the word choice when the filmmakers characterize this as a relationship story, but there is something to it." – The Boston Globe


Yep, that's Deadgirl's Candice Accola on the very left, in what is probably the most gorgeous mugshot we've ever seen [click to enlarge]. Clearly, living in Georgia during the shooting of the new hit show Vampire Diaries is not keeping her out of trouble.

Three Days...

... till the release. As we turn the corner, a few more responses trickle in.


"The film belongs to Segan, who captures every nuance of J.T.’s steady descent into utter depravity, sinisterly posing moral questions to excuse his own indiscretions and touching on underlying themes of suburban isolation and homoerotic longing. Co-directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel, both relative newcomers, as well as camp horror writer Trent Haaga have a screwed-up winner on their hands with Deadgirl. It cuts deeper than expected... Buoyed by excellent performances and a cool soundtrack, Deadgirl is a thoroughly twisted ride." - Home Media Magazine


"It’s hard not to reveal everything about the movie. If you can get through the sex with a corpse part, you’re really gonna enjoy this one... This one is gonna make people feel uncomfortable and someone may end up cursing me that I suggested they watch it but I enjoyed it enough to recommend it…..with a warning of course!" - The Film Reel


The Orlando Weekly highlights the "guilty thrill" of Deadgirl in its list of "OW-approved titles" out on DVD this week.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Seek this one out."

"This movie serves as a bit of a twisted form of social commentary in a way, and is a bit of a coming of age tale. This one's about storytelling, mixed with good acting. It's hard to watch at times, violent and somewhat unexpected. I absolutely recommend it!" gives Deadgirl another great review today, and we especially appreciate the spoiler-free ending: "If you can dig a plot that is a little out there (and I'm dying to tell you about it, believe me), you should seek this one out."

Awesome. Also, here's JoBlo's first (and perhaps slightly less spoiler-free) review from July.


Make sure to check out Candice Accola's new show Vampire Diaries, debuting tonight on the CW. Here's a quick 411 interview about the show in which Deadgirl actually gets a mention. Thanks!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back from Lisbon

Here we are with two living legends — Stuart Gordon and John Landis — after the screening of Deadgirl at MotelX (Lisbon's International Film Festival of Terror) this past weekend. On Friday, the four of us went to see Re-Animator on the big screen, and having them check out our flick the next night was even more of a ridiculous thrill.

As it happens, the screening was exactly one year to the day we premiered Deadgirl in Toronto, and – with the movie coming out on DVD on the 15th - also marked what will probably be our final screening with a festival audience. What an unbelievable experience it's been.. and ending in Lisbon with some of the coolest people around was the perfect way to go. Thanks to everyone who was there.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Country Divided

Go figure...
The Republican defends Deadgirl and
The Liberal wants it destroyed.

[warning: spoilers at every link]

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dead & Loving It

Make sure to pick up the new issue of Scars or just go to the website and get one (order the issue or download it there). Some great coverage about Deadgirl including the standout piece, an insightful two page interview with the dead girl herself, Jenny Spain.

"Spain's role of the Dead Girl has risen above normal zombie cinema, and opened up the sort of debates horror movies were first meant to invoke." - Scars Magazine

Monday, August 24, 2009