Sunday, November 2, 2008

San Sebastian Sneak

There was another surprise one-night-only screening of Deadgirl the other night in San Sebastian, Spain. Again, thanks to Google translator...

From Cementerio de Historias:
" The last film of the day, and surprise of the night was Deadgirl. A film about teenagers who find a woman chained zombie in a madhouse, and decide to use abandoned as a sex slave... but "Deadgirl" is more than that, its development approach and the dramatic situation of living actors make the movie... Intense, dirty, dramatic and even funny, this film keeps the suspense at all times thanks to a very neat picture, an assembly and intelligent direction, and a soundtrack that portrays the grisly sadism perfection of situations.

From Semana de Terror:
"But the best of the night was undoubtedly the film surprise. DeadGirl is a discovery. Has much merit to keep the viewer's attention after so many hours of movies.

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