Monday, December 29, 2008


While most people will experience Deadgirl in 2009, this was the year that will always mean the most to us. It was the year we finished the film, and the one during which we finally got to share it. Thanks to everyone who came to see it and especially to those who stuck around afterwards to talk. Ever since we premiered in Toronto, we've used this blog to quote or link to some reactions, mostly focusing on the larger news and film sites. But since the most satisfying part of the past few months has been the post-screening conversations in late night theater lobbies, we wanted to take a few minutes and thank everyone who saw the film, especially those who felt enough to actually share a few thoughts online. There has been no standard response to Deadgirl. That, in of itself, has been pretty exciting to experience. So in honor of all of you who showed up, either because of what you'd heard or despite it, here's a sampling of your responses:

Santa Barbara City College review.
Luke Thompson, at last.
A Sitges round-up enjoys the movie.
The Plurp. The Review.
The Future of Cult.
7.5 out of 10.
Who's sicker?
The first real gem of the festival.
Thanatos, Sadism, and Possession.

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