Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last Lists

It's 1/10/10, so these could be the actual final 2009 mentions.

JADED VIEWER / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"Deadgirl is like a depraved, warped up horror version of Stand by Me... when a movie like this comes along, you have to give it a standing O."

HOME MEDIA MAGAZINE / Top Ten Movies You May Have Missed
"Yes, this is eww-gross horror at its grossest, but it’s also a horror film that actually deals with its insane subject — a zombie woman tied in a basement who is sexually abused by adolescent boys — and the psychological dirt it digs up. And, despite the resurgence of quality horror in 2009 (Drag Me to Hell, Paranormal Activity, The House of the Dead), this is one of the few that took real chances."

DVD SPIN DOCTOR / Top DVDs of 2009
"In a mostly lame year for new horror films, "Deadgirl" returns us to the days when viewers could be equally repulsed and fascinated... Directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel belong on any horror fan's watch list."

FILM STALKER / Top Ten Horror of 2009
"If you can get past the nasty subject matter, it's really highly recommended; horror should make you feel uncomfortable and push boundaries."

HORROR DOSE / Top Ten DVD Releases of 2009
"Dark, chilling, intense... a good revisit to twisted, macabre roots of horror."

SHOOT FOR THE HEAD / Best Zombie Movies of 2009
"Dead Girl will turn your stomach but its strong writing and deep moral message will have you transfixed."

DAILY ATHENAEUM / Top Five Underrated Films
West Virginia University's student paper calls Deadgirl "The best independent horror film I’ve seen in years."

And ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT put together it's "Five Brutal Horror Scenes" of the year... but unlike the others on the list, included ALL of Deadgirl. "The whole movie."

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