Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going to Harvard

Next week, we're screening at the prestigious Brattle Theatre in Cambridge as part of the Boston Underground Film Festival. Scheduling is going to keep us from this one – a huuuuge disappointment. So bring your Cinema Studies class and let us know how it went.

Friday, 3/20 at 9:30pm [Brattle Theatre]
Thursday, 3/36 ay 9:30pm [Kendall Square]
Buy tickets here.

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David said...

I watched it last Friday night. What a bleak, depressingly dark film! What a horrifying piece of cinema! What a great cast! I have no choice but to see it again on Thursday night, when it replays. Congratulations on making what is my "must-own" movie of the festival. Please tell me a DVD release is on the horizon.