Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Next week, we have two late-night screenings in Orlando as part of the Florida Film Festival. Info is right here. Click to buy tickets and read their write-up, which ends with: "Deadgirl is as sick, bloody, disturbing, funny, perverse, and original as it gets--consider yourself warned!"

They liked it. You know who doesn't? Roger Moore, staff-writer for the Orlando Sentinel. His preview gives the movie "one star" - which you'll see if you click here, is less than he gave Paul Blart, Bride Wars, Marley & Me, Last House on the Left, and The Jonas Brothers concert movie. Bad reviews are fine. You can't take the good if you don't take the bad. But Moore comes off as just another guy who believes the movie aims to appeal to the worst in men, for the entertainment of "male horror fans."

Thank God for film writers like Michael Guillen who was so quick to note how wrong this assumption is during our recent, and lengthy, talk – seen here on Twitch.

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