Thursday, April 23, 2009

UK Release

So we now have our official release date in the UK... June 8th. We'll have more news about that soon. But if you live there and want to see Deadgirl a month before the movie becomes available...

London’s Brunel University will once again be hosting its Cine-Excess Film Conference – a three-day annual event that brings together leading scholars and critics for talks, interviews, and special screenings. The conference examines cultural traditions surrounding zombies, vampires, mummies and other cult phenomena appearing in different forms of media (film, TV, games, internet, comics, etc.), and celebrates some of the biggest trends, icons, auteurs and periods of global cult film production.

On May 1, the conference will feature an exclusive UK pre-release screening of Deadgirl, courtesy of Metrodome Entertainment.

5/1, 2pm, Odeon Covent Garden, London

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