Sunday, April 26, 2009

With our three screenings at the Amsterdam International Fantastic Film Festival now over, we took a look over the blogs scene to see what the reactions were... and it looks like things went over pretty well.

Zone 5300, a hipster mag that's big in the Netherlands, had nice things to say. Here's the link to the whole review. It says, more or less (here, translated), "Deadgirl is an intelligent film... On genre-components as gore and special effects is not reduced, but the heart of the film is on a totally different place, and zombie clich├ęs are largely to tread - no apocalyptic situation, but drama on the square meter. This zombie has a moral sense, and that makes her plight all the more painful." You can't argue with that.

Also, here's a blog which seems to be the festival's most comprehensive source for reviews, and they had three different people check out Deadgirl:

Reaction 1
Reaction 2
Reaction 3

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